What Every Employer is Looking For!


Companies both large and small not only appreciate, but understand the value to them and their employees when the Traits in this little book are mastered.

This human resource tool will take your employees and thus your company to a whole new level.

Read Trait 1 for FREE: Integrity

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I have known E.G. Harvin for many years, both as a friend and as a leader in our church.

I truly believe that this work will and should be a powerful training tool for any business. E.G. touches on good business practices through good work habits, moral habits, and fairness to the employee and employer alike.

This book is a tool that I would have used, as required reading for my management team in all 11 stores that I supervised.

Paul T. Macthel
Retired Vice President and Store Director for Jacobson’s


Ideas are powerful!

They fuel the engine of creativity and production in the business world. E.G. Harvin has identified ideas that every employee needs to succeed in business and life. People are hired for skill sets and fired for their personalities.

Mastering the ideas in “Traits” will unlock the unlimited potential in everyone.

Dale Hedrick
Hedrick Brothers Construction Company

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